welcome to pure pleasure

Imagine an oasis where treating yourself to absolute bliss is a monthly ritual. A place where you are pampered and all your tensions melt away, while our Facelogic team walks alongside you to help make routine skincare easy for you.

That is the beauty of Facelogic.

As an essential skincare spa, we offer high-end facials and signature products at an affordable price!  Our extensive menu of services features something for everyone.  Facelogic is results driven and offers facial treatments designed for women, men, and teens.  We invite you to come and see for yourself.

Preventative Care

Healing and Repair

Rejuvenation and AntiAging

Cosmetic Care

What We Do

We enrich people’s lives by delivering measurable skincare results through personalized treatment care of a broad spectrum of dermatological needs.

How We Do It

(This is our process)

Evaluation & Diagnosis

Visit with one of our skincare technicians for an evaluation and details to allow for a customized and personalized plan.

Planning & Education

Each month we will review your current concerns and educate you on how to get desired results.

Treatment & Care

Facials, Dermasound, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and other treatments


Visit with your skincare technician to review your home care.

Our commitment to You!

  • appointment time reserved for you
  • customized service for you
  • knowledgeable estheticians serving you
  • relaxing atmosphere waiting for you
  • every time, every service, for you!

Commitment to Yourself!

  • stay consistent with your monthly appointments
  • enjoy your customized treatments
  • follow your personalized skincare prescription
  • relax and see your results!